Pet food proceeds support Krempels Center! RAWZ is safe, natural pet food for cats and dogs made without any rendered meats or fats. With son Jim III (a member at Krempels Center since 2008) Janet and Jim Scott have founded RAWZ natural pet food.The Scott family has a long history with the pet food industry, originating with Mother Hubbard dog treats and founders of the Wellness Pet Food Company.  RAWZ has a five star rating by nutrition website Dog Food Advisor, and is certified as a low glycemic pet food by the Glycemic Research Institute.

What is astounding about this company (other than the five star rated pet food and tremendous success in its industry) is the family's commitment to giving back: 100% of the company's proceeds go to four nonprofits, one of which is Krempels Center. 

Having been deeply impacted by brain injury, the Scott family has been unreservedly supportive of Krempels Center since 2008. RAWZ, launched in 2015, is quickly spreading to many pet food stores across the country.  Please consider using RAWZ for your cat or dog...you will be supporting Krempels Center and taking great care of your beloved pets. 

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