Caregiver Support

A KBIC Member and a Care Giver sit together

Family caregivers are the invisible forces whose support is essential in ensuring the highest quality of life and independence for their loved one living with a brain injury. 

That takes a lot of work, worry and sacrifice. At KBIC, we recognize the ripple effect of brain injury and seek to alleviate the stressors that accompany the caregiver role. One of the most important ways we support family caregivers is by providing a safe and caring environment where your family member has the opportunity to form friendships and get support as well as build skills and pursue their interests. In addition, compassionate and knowledgeable staff are available to provide support and resource information to family members in need.

New BIANH Support Group!

BIANH Seacoast Support Group. Join peers and facilitators as we meet together in person to support journeys of recovery and acceptance. 1st Tuesday of every month 6-7PM staring May 2, 2023.

Online Monthly Support Group for Member Families

It can be very beneficial for caregivers to have a place to be able to talk as well as listen, and share thoughts, feelings, ideas, challenges, solutions, and anything that is on your mind. KBIC offers a monthly support group for family members of brain injury survivors. This group is facilitated by Program Coordinator Susette Milnor, a licensed clinical social worker and/or a graduate level social work intern. The group is intended to be an opportunity for family members of brain injury survivors to have a time and place to come together and provide support to one another.

The group is available to families of KBIC members only, and takes place via Zoom on the first Monday of every month from 9:45-10:45 a.m. We welcome your participation at any point. Attendance is, of course, voluntary; no commitment is required other than showing up if and when you think it might be helpful to you. If you are wondering whether this is a group for you, come try it once or twice and see what you think. No prior notification is necessary!

Contact Kelly Redwine-DePierre, Program Coordinator at

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