new life after brain injury

Krempels Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people living with brain injury from trauma, tumor or stroke. In partnership with universities and community volunteers, Krempels Center offers programs that engage its members in meaningful and productive experiences and provides ongoing support and resources to those, including survivors and family members, impacted by brain injury. In addition, the organization's community outreach initiative provides education to the public about brain injury and brain injury prevention.

Many brain injury survivors report that they are not the same person they were prior to their brain injuries. Inspired by David Krempels' motto, "You're not who you were, be who you are," Krempels Center provides opportunities for survivors to discover, strengthen, and embrace their new identities.


community program

Krempels Center’s community program emphasizes health, wellness and empowerment, encouraging members to find purpose and meaning after injury. Members come to improve skills, build friendships, receive support, link up with valuable community resources and explore life interests.


community education

As part of its mission, Krempels Center is committed to educating the public about brain injury and prevention. Interested members participate in a weekly group that prepares them to speak to various audiences including elementary and secondary school students, university classes, medical and allied health professionals, and community groups. The group also teaches advocacy skills and takes action to address legislative and community issues affecting people with disabilities.


support and resources

Staff and interns work directly with members and their families to explore resources which address current needs related to adjustment, loss, transition, housing, finances, respite and relationships, as well as future concerns such as life care planning.  In addition, Krempels Center offers a weekly Family Caregiver Support Group.  This group is open to anyone caring for someone living with a brain injury, whether or not that person is a member of Krempels Center.